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Purchasing your first home safe

Purchasing your first home safe

Purchasing your first home safe

If you’ve already taken the important step of protecting your apartment’s contents with renters insurance, you probably also want to protect any valuables that you keep within your apartment – things like jewelry, cash, coins or precious metals, passports, birth certificates and other important documents, and maybe even weapons. One way to ensure that such items are without risk for loss, damage, destruction in a fire or theft is to store them in your own private safe.

Protect belongings in home safe

Safes aren’t inexpensive, but you will have the security and peace of mind knowing that these important items can never be damaged or destroyed. And, chances are you will only need to purchase one safe for your lifetime, unless you’ve been saving all your pennies and plan to increase your stack of gold bars down the line.

Here are a few options for a small, “starter style” safe that might be ideal for you.

Sentry Safe, fire and waterproof – This tiny safe is perfect if you just have a few items of jewelry and limited personal papers to tuck away. Customers who bought in on Amazon loved it and the price point is just under $60.

Home Safes, from the Safe Place – Keep in mind that they are heavy, usually weighing around 100 pounds, so it may be wise to find a place to store them downstairs if possible. Price points start at $235.

Electronic Safe – You’ll have to spend a bit more to get an electronic safe – price points for this model, also from Sentry Safe, start at $330.

And if you have your own bank at home, you can’t go wrong with the Karl Lagerfeld, which not only carries the notoriously self-obsessed but stylish fashion designer’s name but ranks as the most expensive home safe in the world and sells for $340,000.