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Party Safety 101

Party Safety 101

Super Bowl Sunday is just about here and whether you are rooting for the Niners or Ravens, we can all agree that safety comes first when throwing festivities. Hosting a party in your rental is a great way to socialize. Make sure that everyone enjoys the gathering with these safety tips.

Super Bowl Sunday

As a renter, you are liable for any harm that may come to guests on your property. We don’t mean to be a buzz kill—you should still throw that fabulous 30th birthday party—but taking a few safety precautions will ensure that you and your guests get the most out of the event.

One easy way to check a party for safety is to imagine that you’re throwing a party for children. We often take for granted that an adult can step over an exposed cord or avoid a split board on the deck but that isn’t always the case, especially in a party setting. Guests are distracted, leading to easily avoidable accidents. When alcohol is added into the equation, the probability for injury increases exponentially.

Protect yourself and your guests with these simple tips:

Cords– When fun lighting and sound equipment are brought into a party, cords are inevitably an issue. When possible, tuck cords into the crevice between the carpet and the baseboards. This is safer (and aesthetically more pleasing) option than having cords sprawled across the floor. If this isn’t possible, cover the cables with brightly covered tape (“Hey! Step over me!”) or create a smooth walking surface using area rugs or runners When cords come from overhead, conceal them along doorframes and the ceiling using electrical tape.

Candles, Bonfires, and Pyrotechnics– Fire is a versatile light source that can be soothing or exhilarating. A few candles or a bonfire in the back of your property can be plenty of fun as long as you play it safe. Adhere to state regulations during droughts. Keep flames away from flammable objects such as overhanding tree limbs, curtains, and alcohol.

Be a Vigilant Host– Keep an eye out for spills and clean them up immediately to prevent slipping.  Clear broken glass from surfaces immediately. Provide a welcome mat for guests to wipe and dry their feet on a rainy day and be sure that all floor coverings remain flush to the ground during your event.