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Make your rental feel warm this autumn

Make your rental feel warm this autumn

The golden season is upon us, even though in some parts of the country temperatures are still high. Homeowners may know from experience the importance of entering the colder months well prepared, but many renters have yet to discover it. We’ll help with a few tips.

Preparing the rental is a win-win situation for both the landlord and the renter as both will have an easier season overall and less to attend to when snow comes down on solid roof. Typically the landlord is the one who initiates the process by contacting the tenant to address known issues, but the tenant may have input on problems, such as issues with plumbing or drainage, or drafty windows and doors.

Get together and make a list of all the things that should be done.

  • Clean the gutters;
  • Drain water from outside faucets;
  • Insulate water faucets and drain pipes;
  • Insulate doors and windows;
  • Seal ducts and vents;
  • Store away the seasonal furniture;
  • Replace furnace filter;
  • Have the chimney cleaned.

If you live in an older home, you may need to consider using window insulation to upgrade the comfort of the home, but also to cut down on expenses during the long winter months.

When it comes down to decide who’s paying for what, both of you should be reasonable. Typically, anything structural that needs repairs should be fixed by the landlord, unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement. Tasks that are not required for comfort or quality of life, however, are the renter’s business. Find a compromise that works for both of you because even though you are not the owner, you live there and thus you share responsibilities.

Preparations should include both the inside and the outside. The roof needs a proper inspection to see if there are any weak spots; make sure the siding is secured and stable; check doors and windows to make sure they are sealed and insulated.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are vital; remind your landlord to check and see that they are in working order. If you have ceiling fans on your property, check to see if the fan has a reverse movement for winter—changing the direction on the fan forces warm air down and the room feels warmer.

Review your renters insurance agreement and then make yourself some hot cocoa, you deserve it.