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Is your home ready for the rainy season?

Is your home ready for the rainy season?

Is your home ready for the rainy season?

Every season brings its own set of challenges for homeowners. One of spring’s challenges can be heavy rain, the kind that has the potential to damage homes and requires special preparation. Whether you’re weatherproofing your house in Atlanta or looking for weatherproofed Brooklyn apartments for rent, here’s how to protect your home.

Take a look at all electrical fittings and wires around the house. Loose cables, especially outside, are a hazard and exposed wiring should be the first thing to address regardless of the weather. In case of heavy rain, make sure appliances are kept dry and all high-voltage devices are unplugged.

If you live in a house, take a good look at the roof since it’s the most vulnerable to rain. Look for missing or loose shingles and clear the gutters and downspouts – you’ll thank yourself when the first storm rolls in. Maintain the exterior of the house and do a thorough check of the siding while you’re at it as harsh winds make it easier for water to infiltrate. Damage to exterior walls may include cracks, rotten wood, and discoloration.

Any outside furniture and miscellaneous items can either be kept covered or stored until summer edges closer.

When it comes to weatherproofing, don’t forget to seal and caulk windows and doors. A good idea is to invest in weather stripping and insulation before you notice any actual leaks.  

The areas most likely to get affected by rain are the upper level of the house and the basement. Weather stripping and good roof maintenance should take care of the upper levels. However, the basement is susceptible to damage from mud and water entering the house on ground level. No matter how small, this can easily affect the structure of the entire house over time. Conduct seasonal checks for dampness, peeling paint, or even small puddles in basement spots that are less frequented. If you live in an area that’s prone to floods or heavy downpour, consider investing in a sump pump.

This season, stay dry and stay healthy. Inspect the walls, ceilings, floors, and corners all around the house for these signs. Where there are patches of dampness and discoloration, mold may follow suit. Mold can pose a series of health risks, so take your time and make sure you address potential cases as soon and as thoroughly as possible.

The changing weather comes with challenges for you and your home. Take proper precautions and enjoy a peaceful spring ahead.