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If walls could talk ..

If walls could talk ..

If walls could talk ..

What do you think your home would ask from you, were it able to speak?Couple moving into a new home


Homes love art. Each painting hanged on its walls contributes to making it someone’s, but also gives it the undefinable quality that differentiates it from everything else: a soul. Which kind of art, you ask? The kind that’s closest to your heart, the kind that makes you feel deeply, be it a vintage piece, something made by your great-grandmother or an enlarged photo from your last vacation.


Splurge is the word. If you still need to live with some old sofa/armchair that no longer feels to belong in your home, take the time you need to replace it with one that you really love. It’s tempting to want to replace all at once, but don’t overburden your monthly costs because if you have that amazing, high-quality item in your room, everything else will fall into place around it. I would splurge on a one-person couch for my makeup area and I will.


A clean space doesn’t just look clean, it feels clean. The air is light and the light is warming the place. Those of us who hate this chore, they can hire a cleaning company to tackle it. A deep clean/decluttering once or twice a year can really make a difference in your home.


While it’s true that having pets at home requires more work, those who share their homes with furry friends say it’s totally worth it. They fill your unit/house with warmth and joy, chasing away loneliness and depression.

Loved people

A beautiful home can easily feel sterile without friends and family around. Having people over, for parties or social dinners, will create memories inside your home, memories that will enliven the space for years to come.


Homes love insurance. As the homeowner of the place you live in, you’re required by the law to purchase a policy insurance that will keep you at peace in case of mishaps. A homeowner insurance will protect both the structure itself and the items inside it, if you’re the person living there. As a renter in some house/apartment, the place is still covered by the landlord’s homeowner insurance policy, but the renter’s items are not. In order for renters to be fully protected while living in rentals, they need to acquire a separate renter’s insurance policy.