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Clean up for spring and summer

Clean up for spring and summer

Clean up for spring and summer

Regardless of the area you live in, spring is here, or at least approaching. This winter the weather was much like a roller coaster ride across the U.S., with various regions experiencing a polar vortex, excessive rain, ice, sleet and even a bomb cyclone. These days even wishing for warmer days can also trigger extreme weather events—strong winds, tornadoes and hurricanes, rain, hail, thunder, lightning and flash flooding.shutterstock_1038166888

In other words, now would be a good time to review your renters or homeowners insurance policy.

Start with the coverage on your insurance policy, but don’t stop at your homeowners/renters insurance. While you’re at it, review auto, business and farm policies, too. This way, whatever dark clouds 2019 brings will at least catch you under one umbrella.

As a renter, your household responsibilities are not as varied as those of homeowners, but you still need to take care of a few things around your place, such as:

  • Come March, start airing out your home. Clean range hood filters, the kitchen sink disposal, as well as HVAC filters. Clean and test smoke detectors—in addition to batteries running low, dust can render the device inoperable and not notify in case of smoke detection.
  • In April you can hire someone (or do it yourself) to clean the windows, let that sunshine in! The thick rugs you’ve been using during the cold winter months can now be replaced with lighter ones and cleaned thoroughly.
  • May is the perfect time for cleaning the gutters if you live in a house. Walk around it, inspect the exterior and report any weather damages to your landlord. Check the trees and shrubbery and if you notice that they may be interfering with the power lines call the local utility company. Moreover, untrimmed shrubbery could turn into a burglar’s perfect hideout if you are not careful.
  • In June, look for cracks in the driveway and report them to your landlord. Prepare the outdoor area for the summer—clean the patio or yard area, declutter the garage.
  • July is the month of insect infestations, like ants and mosquitoes. Scenarios like this might require help from an exterminator. Removing standing water near your doors and windows, which is attractive to thirsty bugs.
  • August is fall’s prelude so take some time to deal with those outdoor chores you don’t want to do once it starts getting colder outside. Towards the end of the month, store away the outdoor furniture.

Fall then comes with its own suite of preparations. One thing is certain, having insured your personal belongings will add to enjoyment of the sweet summer breeze.