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Best practices for Fourth of July safety

Best practices for Fourth of July safety

Best practices for Fourth of July safety

Independence Day weekend is a delicious recipe that blends family, friends, fireworks, and a pinch of grilling, all glazed in fun. In one way or another, everyone will participate on this day-long celebration that rolls into nighttime, as a host or as a guest. We hope you’ll celebrate safely the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and for that here are a few reminders.



Approximately 41 million people are expected to travel out of state this year, so if you are hitting the road to drive to your destination, make sure your car is ready for the ride: check your tire pressure, keep extra phone chargers handy, and be prepared to drive in different weather conditions. Make sure your car is as visible as it can bet to other drivers, especially if you’re going through rainy weather (such as West Virginia) – headlights, break lights and windshield wipers have to be in good condition.

Sparkler and Fireworks Safety

More than 50,000 fires are caused every year by fireworks, so make sure you take the proper precautions when operating them:

  • Don’t try to disassemble or make your own fireworks;
  • Never use them indoors;
  • Don’t point lit sparklers or fireworks at others;
  • Should you wish to light fireworks on the ground, make sure the area is dry and fire resistant;
  • Don’t leave fireworks and sparkles unsupervised and don’t light multiple devices at a time;
  • Don’t let children unsupervised to handle fireworks and sparklers;
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by as well as a water hose or buckets of water to put out fires;
  • Soak spent fireworks with water before placing them in an outdoor garbage can.

Grilling Safety

July is one of the peak months for grilling. Grilling fire, the heat outside, and some cocktails sometimes lead to hazardous situations. There are some tips to avoid mishaps:

  • Position the grill away from the home, the deck railing, and out from under eaves and overhanging branches;
  • Keep children and pets away from the grilling area;
  • Keep you grill clean by removing grease and fat formations;
  • Don’t leave the grill unattended;
  • Use the grill outdoors exclusively;

Pet safety

With all the excitement taking place this weekend, the four-legged family members can face grave risks. According to ASPCA nearly one-in-five lost pets first go missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks and other loud noises. They developed an interactive free app that provides users with an individual search plan based on their pet’s behavior and the respective circumstances to help searching for the lost pet. Below there are some measures you should take to keep your puppy safe and around when Monday dawns.

  • Take Fido out for a nice, long walk before the start of the festivities – a tired dog is a relaxed dog and he’ll rather lie down in his comfy spot than pace anxiously by the door;
  • Check his tags to make sure they are secure and easy-to-read in case he manages to sneak out the door;
  • Keep the pup at home instead of taking him with you out to the picnic that surely will turn into the fireworks show;
  • Mind the food – we enjoy munching on snacks that are dangerous for dogs;
  • Consider hiring a pet sitter.