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Add value to your rental home with green features

Add value to your rental home with green features

The desire to go green has increased a great deal in recent years, with more and more people committed to improving their lives while being good stewards of the environment. In addition to driving hybrid cars or riding bicycles to work or leisure, buying ethically-sourced products and recycling, most Americans want eco-friendly homes as well. According to a recent survey conducted by realtor.com, most people would be willing to sacrifice square footage and swimming pools for Energy Star appliances and CFL lighting.

Here are a few simple things you can do yourself to turn your apartment into a green nook, whether you’re a homeowner or living in a city rental.

As the weather warms up, turn to natural ventilation to cool off your home. Open windows and doors as much as you can during the day and when it’s not enough, consider using cooling fans. Ceiling or window fans are an efficient and inexpensive alternative to the good old-fashioned A/C that will help you keep your home fresh while saving energy.

Furnish your quarters with recycled stuff. And that does not mean you should only shop from thrift stores and yard sales. Many furniture companies use repurposed materials and sustainable designs to build décor pieces, including Cisco Home, an eco-friendly furniture business and longtime supporter of chemical-free furniture manufacturing.

Improve air quality by introducing greenery into your home. More than beautifying a room and making it an inviting place to live, houseplants clean the air of toxins and carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. Moreover, research has found that when people are near plants, they feel more relaxed, calm and proactive. Click here for a list of common houseplants that are considered to be effective in mitigating indoor air pollution.

Reach for the “stars”. Green homes are not just friendly to the environment; they are also kind to our pockets…in the long run. Outfitting your digs with Energy Star home appliances, eco-friendly air conditioning, and energy-efficient lighting may cost you a little more upfront, but the investment usually pays for itself within a few years by reducing electricity bills.

To keep your home accessories and equipment fully protected, consider purchasing renters insurance as it will definitely give you some peace of mind when thinking of your investment.

Green furniture, photo via Cisco Home