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A little maintenance now, fewer problems later

A little maintenance now, fewer problems later

Maintenance. It’s one little word that seems to require a lot of our time and effort. For that, we tend to avoid regular maintenance on the things that matter most. For renters, that simply isn’t an option.

two electricians working

As a renter, having basic maintenance issues resolved can be as easy as calling the management office. Even if you have to call back multiple times and send emails, it is important to get small issues fixed as soon as possible. If management is unresponsive, have electronic documentation of your efforts to contact them.

Why? Consider this scenario: every time that you turn on the light in the kitchen, you notice that the other lights in the home dim. You know that there is an electrical problem and you’ve contacted the office but you haven’t gotten a response, nor have you pushed for one. You turned off the light before leaving this morning, heard a strange click, but thought nothing of it as you rushed out of the door.

You returned that evening to nothing. Electrical problems lead to a fire. You and your neighbors have lost everything. Who is liable? Without documentation and proper insurance coverage it could be hard to pinpoint the responsible party in such a situation.

A little maintenance can go a long way when it comes to protecting yourself and your property from fire, flood, theft, and other dangers. Push for results from management and contact your insurance specialist to determine when it is appropriate to take matters into your own hands.